energy u|m|r – 2015

14 May - Aston Villa

19 May - Royal Armouries, Leeds

21 May - Hotel Russell, London

ESTA’s 2nd Annual energy u|m|r
Regional Conferences and Exhibitions, May 2015

09.00  Registration and exhibition

10.10  Conference introduction and welcome.

A day in the life of an end user. How industry stakeholders can help make things run more smoothly and what does a consumer wish-list look like?
Tracy Byrne, FM Contracts & Energy Manager TUI UK & Ireland [14.05 Birmingham]
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Bridging the performance gap – understanding predicted and actual building operational energy. ESTA & BRE – Continuing to promote best practice and produce detailed publications to assist the demand side industry.
Dr. Andy Lewry, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Energy Team, BRE [14.05 Birmingham | 19.05 Leeds | 21.05 London]
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understand | manage | reduce – bringing it all together to reap major energy efficiency savings. Combining in-house as well as external expertise helps provide best practice and big wins for your evolving energy efficiency strategy.
George Richards, Business and Innovations Manager, JRP solutions. [14.05 Birmingham | 19.05 Leeds | 21.05 London]
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11.30  break

12.00  Session introduction

Uncovered – The dark art of power distribution, transformers, voltage management and optimisation. Technology is moving on and ignoring vital energy saving measures is hurting your bottom line. But is it for everyone? Should it be the starting point for your energy efficiency campaign?
Erika Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson Power Solutions [14.05 Birmingham | 19.05 Leeds]
Dr. Lore Grohmann, Marketing Manager, Wilson Power Solutions [21.05 London]
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Balancing the equation – Demand vs. Supply. How energy cost, risk management and future demand scenarios affect a business’s energy strategy.
Richard Koszykowski, Development Director, Power Efficiency [14.05 Birmingham | 21.05 London]
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Andy Clarke, Energy Manager, BSF Newcastle at Robertson FM [19.05 Leeds]
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13.00  lunch

14.00  Session introduction

ESOS – Consultants to the rescue? Compliance has been a keyword for both consumers and consultants alike, but how are established SME consultancies approaching the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme with clients?
Andrew Park, ESOS Lead Assessor, Swan Energy. [14.05 Birmingham | 19.05 Leeds | 21.05 London]
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ESOS – Market Indicators. What does market research into the UK energy efficiency supply chain tell us about the attitudes towards the ESOS opportunity and wider need for collaboration?
John McEachan, Director, Cambium LLP [19.05 Leeds | 21.05 London]
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ESOS – Creating a lasting legacy from legislation Industry experts outline their expectations of this major energy efficiency driver and provide thoughts on its revolutionary impact and how working together we can make it stick.
Panel of industry experts.

15.30  close























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