energy u|m|r – 2016

Hilton Manchester Airport - 15 June


Birmingham City FC - 23 June

ESTA’s 3rd Annual energy u|m|r
Regional Conferences and Exhibitions, June 2016

Special thanks to the conference Chairmen Percy Albuquerque, PA-Energy and Stephen Dyson, Hager and all the speakers listed below for making these annual events a great success.

Energy, the environment and sustainability. Making the right choices for your organisation, whilst continuing to reduce your energy consumption.
Mark Hogan, Energy Environmental Manager, Estates and Facilities, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust [15.06 Manchester]
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Energy industry viewpoint: Why we must work together to secure the UK’s energy efficiency future.
Mark Thrower, Managing Editor, Energy in Buildings and Industry (EiBI) [21.06 London]

Implementing a carbon reduction plan. Tackling energy, water, waste, travel, Board approval and employee engagement. How a five-year programme exceeded 25% carbon reductions and saved over £500,000.
Sid Siddiqui, Environmental Manager, Derbyshire Community Health Services Trust
[23.06 Birmingham]
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Engaging with technology and service providers. ESTA Specialist Group Members outline the current marketplace, share insights into best practice and answer your questions.
Dr. Lore Grohmann, Marketing Manager, Wilson Power Solutions [15.06 Manchester, 23.06 Birmingham]
Erika Wilson, Managing Director, Wilson Power Solutions [21.06 London]
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Richard Quilter, Business Development Manager, ABB [15.06 Manchester, 21.06 London, 23.06 Birmingham]
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Paul Seed, UK Sales Manager, Eurosite Power [15.06 Manchester]
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Lance Colwyn, Sales Manager, North & Scottish Region, Belimo [15.06 Manchester]
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Gary Williams, Business Development, Sauter Automation [21.06 London, 23.06 Birmingham]
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Account management and customer service – your path to a successful solution. Whether via a turnkey approach or using multiple providers, every step of your energy strategy is vital. What should best practice consumer engagement look like?
David Snow, Energy Services Director, SMS plc. [15.06 Manchester | 23.06 Birmingham]
Sean Keating, Head of Energy Efficiency, SMS plc [21.06 London]
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ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme) – Audit completed, and… Don’t wait until a ‘simplified energy and carbon reporting framework’ is introduced. Act now to reduce your future tax burden.
Neil Emmott, Policy Manager, Environment Agency [15.06 Manchester]
Keith Brierley, Senior Advisor, Environment and Business, Environment Agency [21.06 London]
Jim Hodgson, Climate Change Advisor, Environment Agency [23.06 Birmingham]
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A straight forward approach to Energy Management and Building Controls. ESTA & BRE – Continuing to promote best practice and produce detailed publications to assist the demand side industry (your free copy here).
Dr. Andy Lewry, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Energy Team, BRE [15.06 Manchester, 21.06 London, 23.06 Birmingham]
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Issue Resolution How to find solutions when things don’t go to plan.
Percy Albuquerque, Director, PA-Energy. [15.06 Manchester]
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ESOS – Financing energy saving measures. What solutions are available? Funding opportunities is the next step towards realising effi ciencies. Gain expert insight to deliver optimum return on investment for your business.
Yodaly Sierra-Rubio, Energy Management, Francis Crick Institute, Global Workplace Solutions, CBRE [21.06 London]
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Compliance: Heat Networks – are you in scope? Are you certain? Have you missed the 2015 compliance deadline? Assume nothing – gain insight and understand your position.
Andrew Park, Director, Swan Energy [23.06 Birmingham]
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understand | manage | reduce – bringing it all together. Data is central to any energy efficiency and reduction strategy but what does the future hold for your data and its possible uses? David Myers, Managing Director, Smart Carbon Control [15.06 Manchester, 21.06 London]
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Richard Hipkiss, Managing Director, digitalenergy [23.06 Birmingham]
Adam Shilton, digitalenergy [15.06 Manchester, 21.06 London]
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Mark Harvey, Sales Manager, MeasureMyEnergy UK [15.06 Manchester, 21.06 London, 23.06 Birmingham]
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Matt Gardner, Business Development Team Manager, Synapsys Solutions [15.06 Manchester]
Paul Whitticase, Business Development Manager, Synapsys Solutions [23.06 Birmingham]
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Tony Elphick, Director, Advanced Datacentre Systems [21.06 London]

Fundamentals Workshop – Energy Consultancy, choosing your external expertise. Energy consultants or consultancies are not experts in all sectors or in all technologies, how do you make sure you are engaging the right resource?
Led by Bill Mahoney, ESTA’s Independent Energy Consultants’ Group (IECG). [15.06 Manchester]
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Fundamentals Workshop: automated Monitoring & Targeting (aM&T) Getting the right metering, monitoring and targeting solution in place to optimise your data requirements. Check lists and advice from ESTA’s aM&T Group Members.
Led by Percy Albuquerque, Director, PA-Energy [21.06 London]
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Fundamentals Workshop Lighting and Energy Saving Controls. Smart, LEDs, Connectivity – what is the current thinking and what should you be dazzled by?
Led by Stephen Dyson, Co-Chair of ESTA’s Lighting and Energy Saving Controls Group (LaESCG) [23.06 Birmingham]
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